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Body feels uncomfortable when trying to sleep

1. Know that it’s okay to be anxious and upset. Without a doubt, the most important thing to remember is that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s okay to feel lost and unsure. It’s alright to have no idea how you’re going to hold it together sometimes.

Apr 23, 2021 · Electric shock feeling or sensation. You feel like your body (or any part of) has just been jolted or electrified. It also may feel like a sharp and quick tremor or vibration. This can happen at any time and most often without warning. This symptom can be more noticeable when trying to relax or go to sleep..

Sep 26, 2009 · Posted 9/26/2009 9:43 AM (GMT -7) Yes, I made this up. But, I hear about people who have restless leg syndrome. My whole body feels like that! It doesn't matter how much or how little I do, when I try to sleep I just can't. I feel like I need to move my arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach, face...everything! It is so annoying..

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Thanks for this article about bras. Ive always found bras to be very uncomfortable especially the ones with the underwire. I now try to get the bras that either lack an underwire or that clip in the front instead of the back. Nice article. Voted up. Candace Bacon (author) from Far, far away on October 09, 2013:.

Wearing a CPAP mask can sometimes cause discomfort when trying to sleep. The mask can feel bulky and constrictive, and the hose can get in the way of trying to sleep in positions other than your back. Exhaling can also be uncomfortable if the pressure of the sleep apnea equipment is too high. Claustrophobia.

Uncomfortable Work Situation No. 1: Your Colleagues Take Credit For Your Work. When one member of a team doesn’t want to share the spotlight, egos can get bruised. The first step to make sure.

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